Nokia X Android Mobile

Nokia X Android handset

Nokia bragged via his official Weibo account that has gathered more than a million pre - orders for Nokia X Android phone in just four days, but it seems that the numbers do not add up the allegations do not indicate that these Real numbers are pre order.

The reason? It seems that was serving page pre - order and does not require users to enter any payment information while hitting the button. In addition, customers were allowed to hit the button pre - order once for each of the four colors on offer - which means that there can be less than a million Chinese customers that hit the button.

Beyond that was running a contest that is offering a free Nokia X to a lucky winner from all those who pre -order the device, which may have played a role in the high number of pre-orders.

The price tag of $ 100 also may have played his part well and low price smartphone can not be dismissed as one of the factors behind the pre - orders. Time will tell if there were actually more than one million pre -orders or not.


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