How to get Traffic from Social Bookmarking sites ?

Here are the Few Tips to get Traffic from Social Bookmarking site..

1. Pay Attention:

We have seen many articles gone unnoticed because their Title Tag (Head line of the article) is not catchy at all. Title is the first thing user will see from your article. So, if your Headline does not make any effort to provide to catchy, You will have less chances to get in front page.

2. Write a meaningful and sort description:

The headline of the article is most important to draw attention of the audience, but if you want to keep the audience attention, you have to provide meaningful description also.It should be proactive to draw more attention. Make sure that your description is simple and readable.

3. Content is king:

Webmasters and SEO experts have saying: “Content is King.” It's very true. Good SEO content has three primary characteristics:  1. Offers useful information  presented in an engaging format to human readers 2. Boosts search engine rankings 3. Attracts plenty of links from other sites.The good news is your audience, and Google, love quality content and, if you provide it on a regular basis, you will see your search rank rise.

4. Make it easy for others to vote:

It is best when other people bookmark your site. Therefore, you must make your best to make it easier for them to do it. You can put a bookmarking button at the end of the article, so if users like your content, they can easily post it. Check if there is an extension that allows to add Digg,, and other buttons but if you are using static HTML, you can always go to the social bookmarking site and copy the code that will add their button to your pages.

5. Submit to the right category:

Sometimes a site might not work for you because there is no right category for you. Or because you don't submit to the right category – technology, health, whatever – but to categories like General, Miscellaneous, etc. where all unclassified stuff goes. And since these categories fill very fast, your chance to get noticed decreases.


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