Google to help SMBs in India

Google to help SMBs in India

The most popularly used search engine Google plans to help Small and Mid-sized Companies (SMBs) in India to go online by the end of 2015. India is becoming the second biggest online industry in the world ruling the US by 2015, Google recognizes India as one of the key industries in the Global Market and is focusing on SMBs, which play a significant role in its international earnings.

Allan Thygesen, vice president and global head of SMBs for Google Inc, told the media that the firm has already released an initiative to give the SMBs a cost-effective way to reach out to the customers. He also said, "It's a key development in India, which is the fastest growing industry for us among top 20 markets."

Google has already made significant investment in India in terms of increasing the headcount and developing new items to drive the development in SMBs sector. It is also offering services in English and other regional languages in India.

Google has 1,200 associates across India to help SMBs to manage their businesses online. In the last two years, it allowed 300,000 SMBs to go online. Its leading associates cover 65 places and this number is expected to increase this season.

With a large number of Web customers, India is considered to be on its way to become the second biggest Internet market on the globe after China. Out of 50 thousand SMBs in India, only 5% has online existence.

Google helps the SMBs to get started online by creating a website, a social page, and a mobile ready site and also bring them on Search engine, Google charts and also the YouTube. The SMBs may also track their efforts through Google statistics.

Google has designed items like Ad Words Express, that makes it simple for SMBs to run promotional initiatives online.


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