Alexa Is Updating With New Features..

Alexa Is Updating With New Features..

Alexa is updating with anonymous options to make users so easy to analyse what they looking for now…. This new site helps to optimize your web pages or websites on every search engine in the world. By which your marketing on-line grows rapidly then any other thing. With the help of new app called ‘Alex master’ which helps you to increase your site rank, without any programmer or designer or without any problem(JUST WITH A CLICK).This is made after DE-briefing of many websites, software platforms and also third party sites or adds. The site is constructed and its differentiation's to the older site are Secure log in ,Add number of your sites, Your website Lister,URL managing,Genuine Information, Genuine Traffic and many more. Powerful tool which helps you Information insight advantage, competitive intelligence, Action SEO intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence which gives Site Overview - 

Look up a site, Site Comparisons - Make a comparison, Top Sites - To check upon Worlds top sites.

On-Site Intelligence which gives Certified Site Metrics - 

Measure 100% of your traffic and ensure the highest degree of accuracy in your on-site metrics. Full Site & SEO Audits - Increase traffic and optimize your site’s performance with our personalized, actionable recommendations for improve of SEO, usability & more.

My dashboard which can access your saved Site Comparisons, Certified Site Metrics and more all in one place.
This will take control and make the web work easy for you. Once it is updated then update the version of Alex pro .

Alexa Pro which will helps digital marketers a complete understanding of their audience with industry trends, insights for optimize SEO/SEM.  Tools to benchmark against to the competitors who able to compete locally or global scale. 


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