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Pregnancy Precautions Do's and Don't s

Pregnancy Precautions

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon not a disease, Consultant the doctor before take an action. When you see that little pink line on the pregnancy test. once you know that you are pregnant, you starting  getting anxious about everything to which doctor to go and what to be expected in next coming  weeks, what diet to be follow and some common issues which get in our minds. What  are  the Do's and Don't during pregnancy? 

Here we are updated some Do’s and Don’ts

Pregnancy Precautions Do’s:

  1.       Consult doctor immediately after missed period
  2.       Consult every month up to 7 Months, later every 15 days up to 9 months, once a week till delivery in the 9th Month unless specified otherwise.

    Pregnancy Precautions Do’s
  • Take 2 cupsmilk/curd daily, green leafy vegetable, seasonal fruits (except pineapple, papaya), Egg 3/week, Meat Dal.

   3.       Avoid spicy and sour items
   4.       Preferably eat home cooked food.
   5.       Drink safe water- about 8-10 glasses a day
   6.       Avoid constipation

  •        2 hours during day time, 8 hours during night on the left side, don’t lie flat.

   7.      Wear loose fitting dress
   8.      Take all the medications prescribed by your doctor regularly
   9.      While picking up things from the floor always Squat (Sit) down
   10.     The best exercise is a good deal of walking but stop when you are tired
   11.    Keep your mind peaceful and pleasant

Pregnancy Precautions Don’t:

    First Trimester Pregnancy
  1. Avoid heavy, strenuous, unaccustomed work
  2. Avoid contact with persons suffering from infections
  3. Do not take any drug with out consulting the doctor
  4. Avoid journeys preferably during first 3 months of pregnancy.
  5. Do not smoke or consume alcohol-avoid passive smoking also
  6. Do not take any medication without consulting your doctor
  7. Do not lift heavy objects
  8. Do not travel long distances.
  9. If unavoidable take a train instead of a bus or car
  10. Your feet need good support-avoid using heels

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