E-Learning now a Days

E-Learning - Its importance

E-learning is commonly done through online; here, the technique of studying is uncommon as compared to the conventional academic type of studying. The skills transfer and providing knowledge in a conventional academic setting is simply monopolistic in nature, whereas, every individual has different levels of wavelengths and grasping power towards the topic at different levels. Hence, it is crucial for an internet start-up company to understand the advantages and drawbacks, possibilities and barriers of online education and study in India.Online education and study in India is gaining more importance and coming into limelight in a very slowly rate than in the foreign countries, where most academic activities are carried out online.

Tremendous possibilities exist in the untrained rural areas as online education and studying is at its nascent stage in India. There is a large undergraduate section in India in the age group of 16 to 35, who are willing to study online. Attention has to be created among the community in terms of the advantages and career aspects of online education and studying. Job related vocational courses are offered online, allowing learners to complete such programs in a predetermined time. One can also prepare for competitive exams in various areas like technological innovation, medicine, law, social sciences, etc. without purchasing books, which results in the saving of money and space. Since web based is undergraduate based and not time limited, it enables combined studying.Online education and studying can be performed not only by the students, but also by the employees who wish to engage in extra programs, house wives, business people, elderly people, accounting firms, professionals operating in different areas, etc.

E-Learning finally redefines the teaching and learning experiences and techniques and the overall learning environment. It changes the old stereotypical university system to a new set of E-Learning techniques by introducing significant changes in the projects of its main key players; learners, instructors and the company as an entity.


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